Using Shout Outs To Grow Your Periscope Followers;

News 01:11 November 2018:

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Giving out shout outs is the basic, powerful and efficient way to expand your list of periscope followers. To most users it appears as a by the way and with little or no impact at all. The important thing here is to give before you asking for help. It creates an avenue for a win-win situation for both parties initiating the shout outs. This doesn’t call for any expertise and can be done easily at an individual level if you put the necessary things together.

First, identify someone you would love to collaborate with. This is easy to determine from the niche you both are broadcasting to individual periscope followers. In a nutshell, the clients of the one you want to collaborate with can easily fit the type of followers you want. The idea here is to let members know of this existing account with similar content that they may be interested in following.

The catch here is to give value whether you pushing a product for them or just giving a useful tip. If a given tip adds value, they will shout out about you and divert traffic to your account now. Every time the collaborating account initiate a scope, show up and give support as they will do the same to you.