Using The Ten Second Snapchat Views Time Limit To Your Advantage.

News 02:11 November 2018:

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Isn’t 10 seconds too little to see a video on snapchat?With no option of increasing the time limit of photo and video snapchat views, how can one turn it to own advantage? This to most individuals makes little sense, but marketers can find ways to turn it to their benefit. It is here that creativity comes into play from those tasked to marketing a brand in the world full of competition. If introducing snapchat app in your company, there is the need to take time and do thorough research to determine how efficient you will utilize the platform. That is why it is necessary to follow existing accounts and see how they operate and manage the entire followers on its page. Basing on the time limit, this app works efficiently in 2 ways;

Previews; the 10 seconds limit is ideal to create a preview of an upcoming product in your company soon. The disappearing video or photo will arouse interest and keep them glued to see the high anticipated product. The interest will be translated in the snapchat views the product will generate on posted videos or pictures.

Contests; you can ask your followers to take and send photos of them using your products and give a reward to those with the best one. This creates an engagement that can go on for days as everyone scrambles to win over the others.